Latest Route Progress

We’ve now arrived in Africa and are starting our trip from 4 January 2017. You can see how we’re doing and also follow our map entries, here:


WanderWheels in Africa on Tripline


As this trip involves very few visas, which need organising ahead of time, we don’t actually have too much of a plan of where we are going…except home, at the end!


5 thoughts on “Latest Route Progress

  1. You are coming so close!!! Will you not consider a brief detour to Tiflis? We can go flying together and catch up in this wonderful city… 🙂


    1. We thought about it long and hard, believe us!
      Georgia is STILL one of our top countries. Hope we can come back soon!
      Then we can go flying, meet your new wife, do a trip in Bruce and hang out in gorgeous Georgia!
      Stay well!


  2. Aus Bonn ganz herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße nach Goa – wir wünschen Ihnen weiter viel Spaß und gutes Gelingen Ihres tollen Trips !
    Beste Wünsche für 2014.
    Hildegard & Georg Delius


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