Visas and extensions



The steps and time-frames involved in applying for an Iranian entry visa are all beautifully described on Caravanistan.

Here we’d just like to share agency contacts, because she was great and very unbureaucratic:

Ms Sharareh ZAFARY
Mobile : +989125393819
Skype: sharareh.zafary

Plus our experience of collecting our visas in Erzurum, Turkey. It couldn’t have been easier:

1.5 hours to get everything sorted from walking in the door, to walking out again, visas in hand. The biggest hold up was the queue in the bank: take your forms with you and fill them out there to save some time.

These travellers describe the process and location so well, check them out here.



We got our 30 day visa extended by another 30 days very easily in Yazd I don’t know if we just smiled nicely enough, or there are orders from above to deal with everyone quickly, but it was also a 1.5 hour process, no need to come back the next day. We arrived at about 10am and had 4 days left on the original 30 days permission.

Lost with Purpose helped us along with location and process on their info page here. They have a great website: funny, picturesque, informative!