For Travellers

If you’re also looking into traveling, we hope this minimal information may be of use. You can always contact us directly, or post a question  in the comment box below and we’ll respond as best we can.

The sub menus at the top of the Home page should help you navigate.

As some items don’t need much info, we’re starting off with some general notes here as well.


We use paper maps for planning. Freytag & Berndt and Reise Know-usually.

How We use Open Street Map on our built-in Garmin in the car.

Where we have cheap internet access via a local SIM card, and good reception, we use Google Maps in satellite view to look for good overnight spots. When you zoom in far enough, you can often see tracks that don’t appear on the maps view, as well as houses, which you’d like to avoid.

Tips from other travellers and forums:

Horizons Unlimited and the HUBB (Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board): This and the next are our favourite sites for information.

4×4 Community SA Detailed info and support on Africa, particularly Kenya southwards.

Caravanistan for visa infos. A Silk Road guide.

If you’d like us to add other info here, please let us know! Once you’re on the road, where we were once bewildered become routine and normality and you forget what was important in the planning stage!

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