You don’t need to travel or be a traveller to recognise that there’s always someone in a worse off position than you.
And that there are projects that are just close to your heart.

For us, there is only one downside to travel, and that’s being separated from your friends and family, missing birthday celebrations, lending a helping hand where it’s needed, supplying hugs, or just sharing a coffee.

Unlike some other travellers, we aren’t doing our trip to raise money for charity, but now we’d like to recognise some efforts of other wonderful people who have chosen to dedicate some time, energy and effort to raise money for a good cause.

If you have a fiver to spare and consider any of these projects worthwhile, click on the links to make a donation. 

Especially for our sister-in-law, Liz, who’s just gone through 2 lump removing operations, about 8 months of chemo- and radiotherapy and is still suffering under the hormone therapy, following breast cancer discovered in August last year. Our nieces are now doing a charity run.

Especially for my Dad, and therefore mostly my Mum taking care of him, but also family and friends all offering some sort of support.

We met Carmen incredibly briefly in South Africa, and just because of her lovely personality and her dedication to her own project, she’s now cycling across Africa to build a school in a slum in Kenya.

And another cyclist, Peter, doing a round the world trip. We met him in Myanmar in 2013 and he is still going!! About 5,000km to go. We’re great believers in the fantastic work Medecins sans Frontieres do around the world and in areas of crisis. Peter’s site is here.

Thank you.


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