Happy Anniversary!

365 days
16 countries
21 border crossings
36,603 km

3 weeks’ break in Europe to work a bit and hug loved ones a lot
30 days on a ship all alone for Bruce
12 visitors

8,407 photos

2 new tyres
1 broken windscreen
4 pairs of lost or broken sunglasses

17 mosquito bites on Helen
362 mosquito bites on Jens

2 happy chappies
And there’s only 1 Mighty Bruce!


10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Das hört sich herrlich an! Habt weiter so viel Vergnügen und geniiiießt mighty Africa! Grüße von dem Oster-Marathon-Besuch-Point Am Ruhrstein Hugs Fiffi & Harry

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