Info Station – Read first if you’re new here


Welcome to WanderWheels! Here on this site you can follow our current tour starting mid April 2016. We’ve also done two previous tours since 2013: Click Asia  or click North to read them.

On this page here we’ve included some pointers for finding your way around:


The menus at the top of the page should guide you to maps, contact details and other such information:


while the sections at the bottom of each page and report, show you where we are, who we like reading about etc.:


The follow button, also at the bottom of the page is the place to sign up for updates to pop into your inbox, so you don’t need to remember to come back. Don’t forget to open the email from wordpress and click “confirm.”


On the “Home” page our most recent posts appear at the top. Scroll down for older posts. Until we’ve actually started this tour, we’ve left the last posts from the Baltics tour up here for now.


We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do: you can share your thoughts and comments or ask questions at any time on this site, or here our contact details.

Helen & Jens

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